How to Choose the Best Hardware for Your Window Treatment Project

Have you encountered challenges in choosing the right hardware for hanging a valance or drapery? Have you picked out some pretty hardware to go with your window treatment, only to get home and realize you don’t have clue how to hang it? Don’t feel bad. We have gone into homes to ‘fix’ hardware that was hung by professional contractors and handymen….they didn’t have a clue either!

If you can’t hire a Window Treatment Professional to install your window treatments, consider these tips to get the best bang for your buck!

1-Lockseam Curtain Rod:

Lockseam curtain rod

These rods can be used for rod pocket valances. You could use them for rod pocket drapery if there is a valance covering the top of the drapery. You don’t really want to see the rod, as it isn’t very pretty!

Be careful with these because if you get wider than a single window, you will need the center support that comes with it. You will then have to cut a slit in the back of the rod pocket so the center support can get to the rod without distorting the look of the valance.

If you don’t have a stud for the supports to screw into, the rod will not support a very heavy valance.

2- Traverse rod:

Traverse Rod

This type of rod is used for drapery that opens and closes. This type of hardware will come with instructions, so take the time to read them….yes, I’m talking to all you men out there!

It is best to have a stud to install the brackets into, so that it has maximum support. If not, you will need to use toggles.

Because of the many deaths and near deaths of children (and pets) strangling on window treatment cords, it is best to remove the cord and use batons to move the drapery back and forth.

As with the Lockseam rods, they aren’t attractive, so you’ll want a valance or cornice covering the top.

3- Medallions:

Medallions or Holdbacks can be a beautiful and creative way to hang valances or drapery. Carefully plan the location of each medallion, as you will be installing several. If you goof, you’ll have extra holes to fill.

Flower Medallions

The chances of hitting a stud for each and every medallion is slim to none. You will need to use toggle bolts or plugs. Only use plugs if the valance is lightweight. I would definitely use toggle bolts for the drapery.

Toggle Bolts


The best medallions/holdbacks to use will allow the base to separate from the post and medallion for ease of installation. Do not use ones that have a single screw coming out of the base. If you cannot find a stud you will not be able to install these.

Best option for Medallion/Holdback

4Decorative Drapery Rods:

If you do not want a valance above your drapery, a decorative drapery rod is recommended since it will be seen. There are many sizes and types to choose from…wrought iron, wood, aluminum, etc. Diameters usually go from under an inch to 3 inches. The decorative rod is a way to add another layer of uniqueness to your window treatment.

Wood Drapery Rod

You will encounter the same issue as with installing the medallions. If you know that you will be installing brackets into studs, most any type will work. However, that doesn’t always happen depending on how high above the window you are installing. So, it is best to have a bracket with a separate scussion plate (metal plate with screw holes) that will allow you to use toggles and then connect the bracket once the scussion plate is installed.

Bracket with scussion plate

Scussion plate separated from bracket









With a valance, you may be able to get away with using the plugs in the drywall to anchor the bracket. But, drapery is heavier and generally extends down to the floor (where it can get pulled on). It is wise to use the toggle bolts when you don’t access studs.

Decorative Drapery Rod

There is such a wide array of options for hanging beautiful window treatments. They can be hidden or in plain view to add another layer of beauty and uniqueness to your window. However, installing them can be a little tricky. I’ve given information to help you decide on the appropriate type of hardware to make your installation successful. If you still feel the project is too complex, call a professional. The most beautiful window treatments can look terrible if not installed correctly.




Window Works Studio, Inc. professionally design, fabricates and installs all types of window treatments. Please contact us if we can be of assistance with your project.

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